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Interior doors

Material: massive wood
Finishing: based on solvent or water
Feronerie: Arad or InterMaestro

The doors are executed according to the sizes from the field plus the supplementary clothing of the door case (depending on the wall thickness).

Depending on the space destined to the doors there will be decided the openings and their manner of functioning: normal or sliding.

ADEMS doors are realized and presented to the customer as this one understands and consider this object a furniture object. Taking into consideration our customers’ exigency, we, ADEMS team try to realize ADEMS doors of a maximum quality.

Some advices related to ADEMS interior doors:
  • always after realizing finishing works, construction, etc. it is indicated to eliminate the humidity excess;
  • always check the constructors to realize exactly the holes for doors from the size point of view, especially the wall thickness must be the same on the three sides of the hole;
  • the doors are always set-up in the end after the floors set-up.

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