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Stratified wood carpentry

Technical dates

  • The doors and the windows are modern, with stratified wood profiles, assuring a good phonic and thermal isolation.
  • The profiles are realized of three layers of wood coniferous essence (plank), radial and semi-radial selection of the fibre, the layers are disposed fibre against fibre in order to cancel the internal pressures, which excludes the possibility of its tensioning in time, humidity 10-12%.
  • At the customer’s request we can use essences of: oak, ash, cherry and others.
  • The tightness of the enclosure is ensured on the whole frame contour of the furniture with two rows of garniture and silicone or garnitures at the termopane glass.
  • Termopane glass with thermal coefficient of transfer according to the norms fro dwelling houses (max 1,4 W/mk K) or other capacities of thermal isolations according to the requirements.
  • The ironware with possibilities of lateral and swinging opening type SIEGENIA, realizes a very good distribution of the tightness force.
  • The dripstone of aluminum, with outlets, has the role to evacuate the water that reaches the exposed parts.
Finishing: the wood is protected against the humidity of the sun rays, repeated frozen – thaw with the help of the lacquers and ecological paint based on water SIKKENS HOLLAND, in a diverse palette of colours.

Centrul de Formare in Domeniul Calitatii in Industria Mobilei
The Centre of Formation in the Furniture Industry Quality Field
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