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Technical consultancy

S.C. Adems S.R.L. offers consultancy services to the beneficiaries as well as to the people interested in this area.

S.C. Adems S.R.L. assumes its responsibility for all the measurements made by the firmís staff, as well as for the design of the products requested by the customer.


The products transport is made with our firmís auto vehicles. The transport is free on a radius of 100 km. During all the transportation length S.C. Adems S.R.L. answers for the manner in which the products are transported to the beneficiary. In the 11th year, S.C. Adems S.R.L. tried and succeeded in offering a high quality transport.


Most of the cases S.C. Adems S.R.L. assures free products set-up, fact that it is influenced by the quantum of the respective order.

The set-up is realized by qualified staff, with an experience in the area of at least 5-6 years, with the latest technologies and products.


S.C. Adems S.R.L. offers a warranty of 3 years for its products, warranty that looses its validity in case it is ascertained that the product was improperly exploited.

Up to now S.C. Adems S.R.L. did not have warranty problems with its customers by reason of execution or set-up, the only problems appear when the beneficiary does not respect the imposed conditions at the set-up of the respective product.
S.C. Adems S.R.L. also offers post-warranty in case the beneficiary requests and believes that our presence is necessary.

Centrul de Formare in Domeniul Calitatii in Industria Mobilei
The Centre of Formation in the Furniture Industry Quality Field
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