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Interior stairs

  • the materials used: oak, beech or natural coniferous or mordant coniferous covered with lacquer for intense traffic;
  • the stairs can be suspended or plated (on the concrete structure). The suspended stairs can be on metallic or wooden framework;
  • for the suspended stair it must be made the RLV of the respective hole, after which it is executed a project and there are established technical details of execution;
  • for the plated stair it must be made the RLV of the concrete part, after which there are established the execution details for each reference in part;
  • the plated stair as well as the suspended one can be with or without counter-stair;
  • the balustrade afferent to the stair will be made of the same material and colour with the stairs;
  • the balustrade is made of balusters that have resistance role (they are positioned at all the direction changes, at the base the first stair and at enclosure the balustrade) with the size of 80x80 mm in section;
  • on each stair (besides its width and the request) there are fixed one or 2 cross-pieces with the size 40x40 mm in section;
  • between the resistance balusters and over the cross-pieces there is fixed and harden the balustrade;

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