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Adems parquet, the parquet of massive wood as the parquet of foliated wood is realized by wood essence as: oak, beech, ash, cherry, coniferous.

In realizing a quality product, ADEMS precisely respects the process of drying and recurrence of the wooden material in order to obtain a good stability.
After finishing these processes it follows the effective elaboration of the wooden material.

The sizes at which ADEMS parquet can be executed:
  • Massive wood parquet:
    • Length: 400-700
    • Width: 50-70
    • Thickness: 20
  • Foliated wood parquet:
    • Length: 400-700
    • Width: 50-130
    • Thickness: 20
The advantages of ADEMS parquet

Taking into consideration that these products have massive natural wood at their basis the advantages of ADEMS parquet are as expected:
  • ensures thermal comfort of a high quality;
  • prolonged resistance in time (the medium life period is 50-60 years);
  • can be scraped in the moment it needs a new finishing;
  • can be lacquered – after the set-up finish, because before applying protective layers needs currying (polishing) for the unification of the whole surface.
This polishing is realized with performing tools of last generation type BONA.
The parquet set-up is realized by ADEMS staff with payment.
For obtaining a work of quality, the execution of a quality set-up has a very important role, that’s way ADEMS always offers the product with the afferent set-up to the work.
The parquet protection is realized by applying a ground layer and at least 2 lacquer layers.

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