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Founded in 1993, by effort and perseverance, S.C.ADEMS S.R.L. grew up easy and certain due to the quality management which was imposed, reaching today its maximum.

Under the direct surveillance of a qualified staff, the production activity of S.C.ADEMS S.R.L. succeeded in becoming very complex: production of classic doors and windows, production of doors and windows of triple-stratified wood with termopane glasses, production of massive wood furniture for "your whole home", as well as for "your garden", parquet of massive and foliated wood, constructions of wood and we believe that by perseverance and ideas it can be obtained other quality products too, all these ones being integrated by a special harmony, fact that is owed to the multitude of wood species we work with and an irreproachable currying.

Through the performing technological endowment, we elaborate the wood in special quality conditions, elaboration that has in its first stage the drying of the raw material (the wood), succeeding in achieving finished products of a quality recognized by ADEMS customers.

From the point of view of the politics that ADEMS is following, this one is characterized by:
- professionalism in the business relations;
- reaching a positive feed-back;
- satisfying the customers;

ADEMS will impose itself in the future by the dedication and professionalism of a team formed in time, who assumes the responsibilities of its actions, by the courage ascribes in the actions we develop in order to obtain maximum results and implicitly the customers satisfaction, in an apprehensive business environment.
The politics in the quality field of S.C. ADEMS S.R.L. is to realize quality products and work, in order to satisfy our customers needs.

The main objectives in the quality field of our organizations are:
- to deliver products and to execute works according to the specified conditions, at the established terms, with the aim of increasing the customers satisfaction;
- preventing the unconformities in all the phases of realization of the products/works execution, thing that will confer faith to our customers and will bring benefits to our organization;
- the staff training and motivation for the quality continuous improvement.

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Centrul de Formare in Domeniul Calitatii in Industria Mobilei
The Centre of Formation in the Furniture Industry Quality Field
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